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Why Natural Incense?

1 August 2021

In order for us to benefit from the energetic benefits of incense, the incense we use must consist of only natural elements.

For example, only real sage or blackberry has the ability to purify the energy in the environment. It would not be right to expect this from an artificial incense flavored with synthetic sage. In fact, such incense can even cause the opposite of its purpose.

In addition, it is known that the DPG substance used to fix the odor in artificial incenses is carcinogenic. If we consider the harms of substances such as potassium nitrate, sulfur oxide and the heavy smells of synthetic essences to this, using artificial incense becomes unpredictable and harmful to health.

It is important to remember that burning incense is not just a matter of smell, it is a matter of frequency and vibration. The real healing and beauty come from the heart of the nature.

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